How does a digital Speed governor work?

How does a digital Speed governor work?

In Kenya, Over three thousand people die from road accidents. Most of the deaths are caused by overspeeding. In view of this, the Kenyan government enacted the Traffic Act (Cap.403). A section of it reads:

“Pursuant to rule 41 A (b) (i) and (ii) of the Traffic Rules, 2005, the Minister for Transport approves the types of speed governors listed in the schedule to be fitted in every public service vehicle and commercial vehicle with a tare weight of 3048 Kgs and above, having been tested and passed as competent speed limiters.”

What’s the function of speed governors?

The main function of a speed limiter is to control and limit the speed range of a vehicle. In kenya the maximum speed of PSVs and commercial vehicles is 80KMH.
However, some speed limiters such as simba speed governor offer value added functions such as tracking and data collection.

How Speed Governors Work

In general, speed governors have electronic sensors and these sensors work with the engine’s computer to be able to control the speed rate of vehicle. The electronic sensors collects data of the speed rate of a vehicle, and conveys that information to the engine’s computer.

Once the speed rate reaches the preset limit, the engine quickly restricts the free flow of air, fuel and even the combustion system so that the vehicle cannot spark and proceed. By communicating the speed rate to the engine’s computer system, the engine is able to help control the speed rate of the car.

The vehicle can move as fast as it can, but it would generally be unable to overstep its speed limit. In this way, the speed governor works with the car’s engine to control overspending. The vehicle’s speed limit is calibrated by technicians during installation.

Simba Speed Governor is the best performing speed governor in the market, the only 4G device and made in Kenya.

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