Hardware Manufacturing

Hardware Manufacturing

We prioritize sensors and manufacturing techniques that allow us to create low-cost IOT devices. Our focus on these areas allows us to provide affordable solutions for Iot Adoption. Whether it’s for industrial or personal use, we strive to make IoT technology accessible and cost-effective for all africans.

A Surface Mount Technology (SMT)  machine is used to mount electronic components to the surface of the printed circuit board (PCB) as opposed to inserting components through holes as with conventional assembly.

We produce our own custom devices because we understand that Africa is a price-sensitive market where low-cost devices are essential.

The Manufacturing Process:

  • 1. 001 Solder paste mixing
  • 2. 002 PCB Stencil Printing
  • 3. 003 PCB Automatic loading
  • 4. 004 SMT Component Placing
  • 5. 005 Reflow Oven heating
  • 6. 006 Wave soldering
  • 7. 7 – 007 Assembly Line

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