The BEST Speed Governor in Kenya

The BEST Speed Governor in Kenya

It is mandatory for Commercial vehicles, Public Service Vehicles, and School Buses to upgrade their speed governors so they can relay real-time speed information to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) servers.

The upgrade will mean that the speed governors will be able to transmit data on the speed at which the car is moving, the location of the car, the driver and the Sacco or company the vehicle belongs to.

All vehicles weighing above 3048 tonnes without the new digital speed governor will not be allowed to pass NTSA Motor vehicle inspection, which is done every year.

Numeral IoT is an authorized manufacturer of Digital speed limiters. The company manufactures Simba speed governor, the leading 4G speed governor in Kenya.

Simba Speed Governor is authorised by KEBS and meets laboratory tests and installation specifications.

Here are the reasons why, Simba Speed Governor is the best Speed limiter in Kenya:

1. Simba is the only 4G device in the market, therefore it sends data and receives commands at very high speeds compared to the other analog speed governors in the market.
2. Simba speed governor is the only device that is designed and manufactured in kenya. Repairs and upgrades are easily done at our factory along mombasa road.
3. NTSA inspectors are known to prefer Simba Speed Governor for its reliability and effectiveness, If you intend to take your vehicle for an NTSA Inspection, Simba Speed Governor is a must have.
4. Simba Speed Governor installation is very fast compared to other speed governors. They have made this possible by providing custom made softwares and proper training to their technicians. Installations are timely to ensure drivers go back on the road quickly.
5. Simba Speed governor is easily accessible. Thanks to convenient online shopping avenues and countrywide offices, customers can easily get their hands on the new digital simba speed governor or easily seek customer care services.

Simba speed governor has fitting centers in Eldoret, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, Ngara and its main Head quarters at Cabanas near Tuskys HQ.

To get your hands on the new digital 4G simba Speed Governor call 0794 475599.

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